Kambo Scotland

IAKP trained practitioner

Kambo Scotland

Safe, healing and cleansing Kambo treatments from an IAKP (international association of kambo practitioners) trained practitioner.

Kambo is a marvellous secretion from the giant monkey frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor) of the upper Amazon. It contains a powerful cocktail of bio-peptides to heal, cleanse and detox the body physically, emotionally and energetically. It basically removes what should not be in a natural, strong, healthy and vibrant human being, on all levels!

Traditionally this sacred medicine was used by many tribes such as Matses, Katukina, Yawanawa, Marubo as a medicine, heal malaria and snake bites, to treat infertility, improve strength, luck and stamina for hunting, clear curses, attract potential partners. And to remove ‘Panema’, roughly translated as bad luck, depression or a negative bad cloud hanging around a person.

This medicine has potent non-inflammatory and pain reducing properties, that strengthens the immune system whilst killing pathogenic microorganisms and alongside its traditional uses, is successfully being used to treat conditions such as parkinsons, HIV, cancer, depression, anxiety, PTSD, fatigue and addictions, to name but a few.

In general it clears and balances your energy field, allows you to become more present, self aware, healthy and vibrant. Viva Kambo!

If you are interested in knowing more about kambo from one of the masters , then the following interview is a highly recommended read – http://reset.me/story/kambo-natures-vaccine-for-the-mind-and-body/

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