Kambo Scotland

IAKP trained practitioner

I am a trained kambo practitioner by the IAKP, lover of the natural and mystical. Dedicated and delighted to bring this sacred healing medicine to the people of Scotland.

My own healing journey began in my late 20’s working as a driller, I had the money, the job, the car. But I was depressed, anxious and lacking in self worth. I realised something major had to change within me because mentally and emotionally I was in hell.

I then had a meeting with the plant medicine Iboga, which radically changed my outlook on life for the better and healed my depression. The journey of healing and self awareness had begun!

I immersed myself in plant medicines, meditation, qi gong, yoga, healthy living, shamanism, 5 rhythms dancing, shiatsu, eastern philosophy, energy work, reading about psychology and the spiritual path, travelling to the Andes and the Amazon. Tried so many workshops that I can’t remember them all, I was a true spiritual shopper for a while!

I have done formal training in crystal work, jin shin tara, one year of shiatsu training with the Aberdeen School of Shiatsu, before I concentrated on doing a 3 year shamanic practitioner training course taught by Carol Day who had studied under and given permission to teach by Sandra Inngerman.

In my mid 30’s I was called to kambo and was amazed at the power and healing of this medicine, and thus begun a relationship with this medicine and eventually training with the International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP).

Today I have settled in using shamanic techniques, psychology, meditation, qi gong and Kambo as tools to heal, grow and work towards acceptance, self awareness and wholeness as a human being. I wish to bring this healing medicine of Kambo in a safe and respectful way and it will be an honour to treat those in need of physical, mental, emotional and energetic healing. Viva Kambo!

Copyright of Paul Murphy.

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