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Treatments and costs


This is a traditional line of points on the upper left arm on men and lower right leg on women. If you are doing Kambo for the first time this is the only type of treatment I can offer (apart from a layered treatment which is used on clients that are extremely nervous or very sensitive to Kambo).


Tailored treatments to target specific health and/or emotional issues. In these treatments I can use Kambo on the traditional Indian chakra system or meridians/ear/acupressure points from the traditional Chinese medicine system. The special treatment is a combination of using a couple or all of these systems to give extra boost to the healing effects.


For treating chronic/acute physical or emotional conditions and also those wanting to have really deep cleansing and healing. This requires multiple tailored treatments over a short period of time.


This is 2 treatments done within 2 hours and 3 treatments done within 3 hours. Available to people with previous experience with Kambo and wanting to experience deeper healing.


Kambo circle (2 or more people receiving):    £60 per person

Private one on one treatment:   £85

Intensive treatment series:  The cost is dependent on location, employment situation of client and the number of treatments needed for the physical or emotional condition. Either way there will be a reduction in cost per treatment in a series.

I am located in Fife and willing to travel to clients throughout the regions of Lothian, Fife, Tayside, Central, Borders, Grampian and the Eastern Highlands.  If you are out with these regions and are not willing to travel to Fife, then i suggest you search through the UK section of the following website for a IAKP qualified practitioner in your area,  http://www.iakp.org/find-a-practitioner/4584763567

A small percentage of the price of all treatments/ceremonies goes towards the  IAKP, and thus helping fund needed projects in remote tribal communities.
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